Can’t find that notebook, your car keys, the baby?! Then it’s definitely time to get organized! The lost time we spend looking for things that have a home but aren’t in it is wasted time we can never get back. This consultation will help save you time, money, worry, headaches, and frustration plus you’ll have more time to spend with your baby, or hubby, or dog! The one thing we could have less of in our lives is frustration—the one thing we could have more of is time. Making the decision to get and stay organized is a great move forward and not as painstaking as it sounds.

We can help you organize your closets, attics, kitchens, garages or basements—you name it, we can get it in shape! From shoes to paperwork and cobwebbed boxes to grimy tools, they all have a home! We also work with the chronically disorganized as well as clients with hoarding issues, and we understand the delicate obstacles that may be entailed. Getting organized is a process and everyone (including us!) benefits from a professionally trained organizer to help them get through it!

Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

(2-hour minimum)