On-Site™ Fabric Care System is the only Hunter Douglas approved process for their most delicate fabrics like Silhouettes, Cellulars, and Luminettes. If this system is safe enough for the innovators in fine window coverings to approve, guess what else we can clean? Everything!

We can wet or dry clean any fabric, drapery, window covering, upholstery, bedspread, rug, mattress, pillow—anything!

It removes microbes, dust mites, dead skin, wine, blood, urine, odors, and more. Plus, everything stays in your home during and after the process. That means you’re never without your window coverings, bedding, or whatever else you have us clean! We can also add Stain Guard and Flame Guard to your current fabrics. Call today for a phone quote.


Draperies, upholstery, bedspreads, rugs, cellular shades, Silhouettes Luminettes, pleated shades
Bedding, pillows, mattresses, specialty & delicate fabrics
No shrinkage or damage
No loss of flame retardants, sizing, or resins
Flame retardants can be applied to non-FR fabrics
Scotchguard any fabrics
Wet or dry clean
Your products never leave your home!

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