“R” You Ready?

With frigid temperatures not likely to go anywhere soon, you’re no doubt thinking about how you can keep the cold air out of your home—and the heat in. The right window treatment can go a long way toward that goal, specifically blinds, shades and shutters that create an insulative pocket between the window and its covering.

To make the best choice, it’s important to know the R-value of the window treatment you’re considering. Simply put, the higher the R-value—which measures resistance to air flow—the more insulating benefits you’ll receive. The walls of a home built today might have an R-value of 19.0; meanwhile, standard double-pane windows have an average R-value of 2.0. (Is it any wonder that windows were once referred to as “wind holes?”) The right window treatment can add up to 4 points to a window’s R-value, virtually tripling its efficiency.

Let us help you find window treatments to make your home more energy efficient—and more “green” in the process.

By Louise Lange