A Cool Lighting Alternative: LED Rope Lights

There are many different options you can go with when choosing how to decorate your windows. You could go with curtains, sheer flowing fabrics, shades, drapes, or…cornices! This is the direction my husband and I went in when confronted with the choice on how to spruce up our 22’ long upstairs window! However, once the cornice was created and put up, we then noticed something we hadn’t even thought of: adding light to it!

We began the process of trying to find a small fixture that would work but had a difficult time finding a fluorescent fixture that was small enough not to protrude from the top. However, that was just the beginning of our problems we ran into.

We figured out our cornice should have recessed another inch. When we put light fixtures end to end, we had black spots between them; not exactly the look we were going for. We then tried staggering the fixtures, which created hot spots and dimmer spots. Again, not the look we wanted. So far, we were not finding the solution for the perfect accent light we had in mind.

Weeks after we had begun our search, we went for a visit to a friend’s house. There we saw our perfect cornice-lighting solution: an LED (Light Emitting Diodes) rope light! It provided the soft light we wanted over our cornice. I didn’t realize how they had created this look until further inspection and thought “How genius.”

LED’s are all the rage now because they do not get hot like the fluorescent ballast system does. The rope lights are less than an inch in height so they wouldn’t show over the top of the cornice. They also use very little electricity and last practically forever! Another feature rope lighting has is that it easily comes in the length we have hanging on our wall over the windows. It’s as if this was made for us!

After everything was said, done, and installed, we flicked the switch to our electrical outlet and voila! The soft glow radiated beautifully from the top of our cornice. An even cooler feature of LED rope lights is that you can create some funky fresh looks with them since they come in a plethora of colors (blues, greens, pinks, purples!). In the evening when we want “mood” lighting, we turn on the lighting over the cornice and bask in it’s glorious glow! How do you create “mood” lighting in your home?