Coastal Design: Bringing Outside Comfort Home

Coastal design can bring the feeling of summer home all year–even when you’re miles from a beach. The light and airy look creates a peaceful environment, perfect for both relaxation or comfortable productivity. Coastal Design has been around for many years, while the trend evolves and changes slightly over time, for the most part it stays along the same idea. One color scheme many of us are familiar with is the typical blues and whites. But lately there has been many other color schemes coming into fashion!

One of these color schemes might be light greens and yellows. A great way to start with this is to use floral artwork prints! For an ocean feeling interior, you may want to bring in the colors on your upholstery and add pops of color to the throw pillows, such as palm leaves. Painting your walls a light green or yellow can be a very relaxing and pleasant felling. Might I suggest Sherwin Williams SW 6415, Hearts of Palms? For those who are going for a cottage theme because they live on the lake, may I suggest light green painted wood? Pair that with a beige linen sofa, colored throw pillows, some lakeside prints and you are on the right track!

Coral is another great option. Coral is well-paired with white, light blue or light green. A beautiful white or beige linen sofa will pop any coral used on the throw pillows nicely. Finding some actual artwork prints with coral on them would be a great way to incorporate the color throughout the room.

Complete the look with accessories. A glass bowl or ceramic charger and fill it with sea shells you find on the beach is one inexpensive way to personalize the theme! For the all of the northerner’s out there, the same could be used with stones. Remember to keep the windows light and airy; we do not want to distract from that beautiful view you are paying for! Plantation shutters, white painted wood blinds, or light linen shades might be the perfect solution for your windows. Finally add the sail boat accessories, rope accessory balls, and a light summer floral for all the perfect finishing touches on your new coastal room!