Decorating with Pumpkins

Are your kids begging and pleading with you to take them to the pumpkin patch? Picking out pumpkins can be enjoyable for you as well as your kids. As your kids pick out pumpkins to carve scary faces into for Halloween, you can pick some to add to your decor. Using pumpkins as decoration is not strictly for Halloween. You can create pumpkin vignettes throughout your rooms to add the feeling of fall. The trick is to leave pumpkins plain, or use minimal design that is unrelated to the spooky holiday. Place a few pumpkins by the fireplace, on the mantle, or in the center of the table for warm, autumn decor.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up any pumpkins this season head out to the farmer’s market this weekend. The City Market Farmer’s Market Pumpkin Patch will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 8am t0 3pm until the end of the month.