Eloise’s Suite at The Plaza

Her name is Eloise. She is six. She is a city child. She lives at the Plaza. Do you remember the children’s book Eloise? The famous hotel resident recently had an actual suite at The Plaza designed in her honor. The Eloise Suite located on the 18th floor was designed by fashion designer Betsey Johnson and is every little girl’s dream. It consists of Eloise’s room, and an adjoining room for parents.  The decor of the room features the signature Plaza chandelier and pink candy stripped wall panels outlined in gold leaf molding. The king size bed boosts custom bedding with Eloise’s picture and the headboard is padded, sparkly, fuchsia pink. The suite is also filled with Eloise DVDs, dolls and other paraphernalia. For more information on the Eloise Suite and booking prices visit the New York Times or The Plaza Hotel.

Images from The New York Times and The Plaza.