In Good Order

You may not realize that our services include home and office organization. And whose list of New Year’s resolutions doesn’t include reorganizing of some kind? Perhaps you’re planning to tackle a closet. If so, keep in mind:

  • A well-organized bedroom closet should have 3/4-inch panels that run to the floor for stability with holes drilled 32 millimeters apart so that rods and shelves may be placed at varying heights and can accommodate all types of apparel. This allows for flexibility, so that as your personal clothing inventories change, so will your closet system.
  • In the linen closet, keep in mind this one rule of thumb: Make sure you’re not knocking over a rarely used item to get to something you need to access every day.
  • In a front hall closet, use quality hangers that will withstand the weight of your coats. Also be sure to allow ample floor space for boots as well as shelf space for hats, gloves and mittens.

If organizing your closets—or any facet of your home or office, for that matter—seems too much of an undertaking, give us a call!