Making Old Furniture New Again

There are plenty of us that have that old couch being hid away in the basement, so guests won’t be able to see it. Maybe it’s down there for the dog to sleep on, or just for the kids when they play video games downstairs. Whatever the reason, it’s down there because you don’t want to look at it in your living room.

This can apply to all sorts of different kinds of furniture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a couch. Whether it’s a table or a chair, sooner or later there’s going to be a piece of furniture that doesn’t quite go with the layout or design of your living space.

We may often find ourselves heaving out questions to ourselves on what the heck are we are going to do with the old pieces of furniture. Keep in mind, just because it’s old, doesn’t mean you can’t put it to use! If the piece has just a little amount of character and functionality, there’s no reason to just replace it.
When it comes to deciding if you’d like to refinish a piece of furniture, it’s highly recommended you get an expert opinion, or perhaps read up on it yourself. Lots of sanding would be needed and some stains might just not turn out the way you’d hope. However, painting is always a reliable option. Just your basic plain white furniture is still a popular trend when it comes to furniture. Your basic paint job can be the perfect start to making your furniture appear fresh again.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a drawer that’s just not cutting it for you anymore. If the drawer has knobs search around for a more unique and fun updated knob. Home Depot and Lowes have plenty of knobs on the cheap of all different assortments.

Or maybe what you’re dealing with are old fabricated dining room chairs. If the seat is rectangle or square, you’re in luck. It’s considerably much easier to replace. All you got to do is go out and buy some fabric (that goes with the room of course!). Once the purchasing is done, get yourself a staple gun, fabric scissors, extra screws, and safety glasses (you know, safety first!). To get a more appealing look, you could use a different kind of fabric on each chair that coordinates with the other chairs. However, the more traditional look would be going with only one kind of fabric.

There you have it! You don’t have to always give up on a piece of furniture and send it to just lurk in the basement. Just some creativity and extra time can give your old furniture new life!