Paint Color Made Easier

Choosing a paint color is almost always a very personal decision. How we feel about color and how it makes us feel is a good place to begin, but often we might not know how to incorporate the colors we love into a solid theme. You might love blue, but how do you find the “right” blue? And while paint is fairly inexpensive, who really wants to paint a whole room only to realize that the color isn’t quite what you signed up for?

In the article Top 10 tips for selecting paint color for your home, Mary Lawlor, color stylist atKelly-Moore Paints recommends first going to the paint store and picking up some swatches to bring home. She warns: don’t bring any paint home. Then look at the colors and see how they flow with the furniture that you already have. Lawler points out that you will easily eliminate a few colors just by comparing them with your decor. From there, choosing the right color comes down to a process of elimination. Want to learn more about choosing the right paint, check out the full article on the At Home Arkansas blog.