Daniel Oropeza Artist and Sculptor



I am honored to know and offer my very creative and dear friend’s outstanding artwork and sculptures to my clients nationwide!  What I love about his work, aside from it being so beautifully unique, is that “they” said it couldn’t be done…

Metal & Glass Fusion Sculptor, Daniel Oropeza, is best known for his larger than life, otherworldly fusions of glass and metal. And while these creatures may seem to guard the gateway to his imagination, his artistry is far from hidden. 

Based in Orange County, California Daniel seems to operate out of what can only be his wardrobe to a creative dimension. A simple artist’s loft provides the canvas for his safari of horses, dragons, bulls, otters, dolphins, and fish, alongside a plethora of portraits cut into steel and shaped to create the dynamic highs and lows of a woman’s figure or man’s face.

His medium is something of a discovery for those who are lucky enough to witness his process. It appears that Daniel Oropeza may be seeking to fuse more than two mediums with many of his pieces, blending the fragility of the glass and the industriousness of the metal- giving rise to the notion that his art, like all expressive mediums, emotes more than the monotony of apparent beauty.

Below is Lux Maximus, a slightly oversized version of a Friesian horse, one of Daniel’s passions.  This incredible sculpture stands approximately 9 feet tall, 12 feet long and 3 feet thick.  To me, it surpasses the “real thing” with it’s bold size and medium yet intricate detail.  He has left nothing out of this magnificent masterpiece including illuminating it from within so that it shows even more gloriously at night (IF that’s even possible!)!  

This work of art is currently available for purchase and can be seen in person in Irvine, California by scheduling a personal viewing. 

Contact Sabrina directly for more information at 949.371.9075.

Click HERE for a printable flyer on Lux Maximus.