The Importance of the Dining Table

I know what you’re thinking: Dining tables don’t need in-depth discussion when it comes to picking one out. However, finding the right one is a bit more important than you may believe. Not only are they uber-important (we all got to eat!) but finding the right one for your home is just as important.

Dining tables have several functions. Of course it’s the meeting place for everyone to sit down and enjoy their meals, but it’s also a useful place to get homework done, or perhaps even gather for a board game.
Keeping the multifunctional purposes of a dining table is important when selecting one. Just as important as the style and size of your table, actually. The go-to basic size for a dining table is generally 35’’ by 75.’’ This will seat about six people and eight if you squeeze it in.

An important thing to look at is the location of the table legs. Part of eating and seating is being comfortable. So where are your own legs going to be with how the table legs are set up. That is the question to ask yourself when selecting. It’s best to avoid having to hover around a table leg. A pedestal table is a good choice because it provides stability and a lot more leg space than the average table.

Wood is another important thing when it comes to the dining table. It’s a popular selection due to the durability factor and can be resistant to heat and stains. If the table has a wax coating, it could have a hard time resisting the pan of spaghetti you pulled fresh out of the oven. Glass surfaces do always look great, but often provide for awkward moments due to its transparency. Plus they can leave some nasty fingerprints, and that adds more work to your clean-up routine.

For shapes, rectangular always seems the best and makes the most sense. Especially if you ever move, as it would be easier to fit into rooms. Round and oval tables can look great, but require larger rooms and doorways in order to move them around.

So next time you’re shopping for that new dining room table, keep in mind all these factors. The thought-process is much more complicated than you might think. Picking out the right dining table is no joke and needs serious consideration, just like everything else when designing your home.