What’s in store for 2010? Some trends predicted for the year to come.

In January’s edition of House Beautiful, a few of the most influential names in interior design make some surprising predictions. The core theme: change is in the air.

Grey and Yellow
Jonathan Adler, lead judge on Bravo TV’s Top Design, predicts grey will be this year’s new chocolate brown. “It could be a reflection of our economic mood, but I don’t care,” he proclaims. “I think it looks fantastic — especially as a foil for a bold color like orange. And don’t even get me started about gray and yellow!”

Floral Chintz

“I foresee a return to floral chintzes, but not shiny like they were in the 1980s,” said designer Celerie Kemble. “The shine won’t be gone entirely — that glazing will be used to dress up super-crisp, solid-colored Belgian linens. And I believe technology will finally erase itself. Rooms will be less and less cluttered as we better learn to hide cables and shrink stereos, computers, light switches and TVs.”

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By Natasha Khairullah